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To make sure that the groom and his groommen are ready for the wedding, getting a tuxedo rental is one of the most priorities. You need to have a understand more about this unique style before going about with the task of a tuxedo rental.

Not all tuxes are the same and to help you with your selection, it's a good idea to acquaint yourself with some of the terms usually associated with a tuxedo rental.

Every tuxedo has a jacket and jackets tend to fall into one of two categories. They're either single-breasted or double-breasted. A single-breasted jacked has one strip of buttons down the front. There can be from one to four. If you're looking for a tuxedo rental that's a little more slimming, expert fitter suggest that you choose a single-breasted jacket with more buttons to allow the eye to move up instead of focusing on the stomach area.

Double-breasted jackets have two strips of buttons that have two to six buttons down the front. These types of jackets tend to look more formal and are popular for weddings. They also tend to look more mature and are often worn by middle-aged to older men.

But there's more to consider with the jacket when getting a tuxedo rental. Besides being single- or double-breasted, you need to keep in mind the actual style of it. There's a jacket with no lapel and a stand-up collar that's worn with a mandarin collar shirt. It's called the Mandarin jacket and is also commonly referred to as the Mao jacket or the Nehru jacket. Some argue the style is a little dated but if your wedding is slightly less formal, it may be a good option to choose. You can get away without wearing a tie if you get a tuxedo rental with a Mandarin jacket.

Ultra formal weddings require more formal attire. This is where you may want to consider a full dress jacket when going through your options with a tuxedo rental. Also call jackets with tails or tailcoats, these jackets feature two- to six-button fronts and actually have tails. Your bride may love the look of these if she's always dreamed of a fairy tale type wedding because these jackets bring up images of handsome princes saving distraught princesses.

Don't forget to check out the type of jacket lapels when choosing the type of tuxedo rental to get. Lapels can instantly make your tux appear more or less formal. The least formal lapel style is the notched lapel. It has a triangular indentation where the collar and lapel join. The peaked lapel is the most formal type of lapel and features a v-shaped lapel that is broad and just below the collar line, it points up. Another lapel to check out is the shawl collar which has no notch and instead has a rounded lapel that gives an elegant look.


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Tuxedo Rental Service - Important Information

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