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Held sportbike motorcycle jackets are the most important item of clothing for bike riding, after of course, the helmet, because protection of the head and brain is the first priority for riding any motorcycle. However, for any mishap, the upper body will absorb the most impact and a jacket that offers both comfort and protection is a vital necessity. Not only do they look cool, they serve the very important purpose of shielding the upper body from the pavement. It is also very wise to choose a two toned or bright colored jacket over basic black, for better visibility to other drivers sharing the road.

While leather jackets are the familiar association with motorcycle riders, the many great features offered in the textile construction can offer much greater versatility for all types of weather conditions. Choosing a jacket with protective textile construction with armor and removable heated liner provides the ultimate choice for many climates. The mesh style construction with armor and a cooling inner vest is ideal for higher temperature climates. Held USA has been the importer and distributor for the greater section of North America since the summer of 2005 and is dedicated to meeting all motorcycle garment needs.

Held sportbike motorcycle jackets are available in many choices, including leather and textile styles. Many dedicated riders will have two or more jackets at their disposal for different weather conditions or location environments. Of course, leather is a great wind shield and always looks great, but leather may not be suitable for some climates. Some of the many features available that will make the chosen jacket perfect for multiple climate conditions are the choice of a textile jacket with an air guard feature for wind resistance, an inner mesh lining for cooling and a detachable inner lining for warmth. The convenience of multiple inner and outer pockets is always a plus and adjustment features for arms and hips are another plus. Of course, safety is always a first priority and the best jacket should offer padding or protection at the shoulder, back and elbow. Reflector inserts for better visibility are also a great idea.

One of the wisest decisions when purchasing riding garments is the choice of Held sportbike motorcycle jackets. The jacket from Held Technical, with its 3 layer construction for comfortable riding in desert climates, as well as protection from the colder areas, makes this an ideal jacket, especially for long trips, on which you may encounter a multitude of temperature fluctuations.

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Held Sportbike Motorcycle Jackets Review

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This article was published on 2010/11/03